Due to insurance policy we can’t allow outside instruction without pre-approval.



CCW classes among other personal protection and NRA Classes on site. We have a classroom big enough to have classes and meetings. We also offer our classroom to our members to use for their own use.
Classes Offered :
NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Basic Shotgun
NRA Basic Rifle
NRA Instructor Basic Pistol
NRA Instructor Basic Shotgun
NRA Instructor Basic Rifle
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Self Defense Handgun Act License  ( Commonly know as CCW Course)
One on One Pistol Course
One on One Rifle Course
One on One Shotgun Course
Gun Cleaning Course
Night Fire Course ( Pistol ) ( Shotgun )

Reloading Class

NRA certified reloading classes. Learn to reload yourself with this course. Make your own ammunition at home.

Saturday   9:00 am  – Metallic Cartridge Reloading

Cost : $125
Max Seats : 6

Call  (405) 307-8887 to reserve a seat




Title 21 in Oklahoma gives Oklahomans the right to have a Concealed or Open carry a firearm self protections. This class teaches the basic fundamentals and procedures of the SDA Act under Title 21

Private CCW Class Available upon request
Cost : $60 per person
Max Seats : 20
  • February 6  Saturday   9:00 am
  • February 7   Sunday   10:00 am
  • February 13   Saturday   9:00 am
  •    Sunday   10:00 am
  • February 20   Saturday   9:00 am
  • February 21   Sunday      10:00 am
  • March 5   Saturday    9:00  am
  • March 20 Sunday     10:00 am

Individual Self Defense Class ( Commonly Know as CCW Course ) – Can be schedule any time during the week or weekend as needed. Fees are generally $100 per person until personal class size reaches 5 then price will decrease.

Call  (405) 307-8887 to reserve a seat

NRA  RSO Class

(Range Safety Officer Class)
A great class and a must for potential NRA Pistol, ambulance Rifle, cialis Shotgun and SDA Instructors. Also a great class to educate youth and adults alike in range protocols.
Fee : $110 
Max Seats : 15
  • November 8   Rescheduled to December
  • January 10    Sunday   10:00 am

Call  (405) 307-8887 to reserve a seat